Jun 22, 2018

Closing Sale!

Don't miss it! Even BUNDLES are 80% off!

Angelle Design

Nov 25, 2017

BLACK FRIDAY at Angelle Design

Hooroooray! It's that time of a year again) Don't miss a deal from me. Some great goodies are here

Apr 12, 2017

Spring Sale

Hello, people, it's been a while...
But I am here today to let you know that I have a SPRING SALE in my Store!

Nov 1, 2016

Fright Night Collab Bundle!

Happy Halloween people!!!! It was my fave holiday in my University Days) So, this time WE ( yup, it's me and Raya from Camomle Designs again) decided to make this wonderful bundle with our favourite colors. So please welcome Fright Night Bundle!!! You will find it here- 

And here what you find inside:

Oct 15, 2016


Hi, dear scrappers. I finally managed to post it here LOL)))
I remade something in my old kit, renamed it, recolored it and here it is) And all this happened because I read the "Mortal Instruments" till the end (finally) and I found out that there is a show based on it( and I love it) So #Shadowhunters are back))) The kit is 20% off till this Sunday))

And some inspiration pages for you from me)