May 10, 2011

Crazy {inter}National Scrapbooking Day

Yes,  it was a crazy day!!!
I took part in ALL challenges at Mscraps and as a result I have a huge amount of new pages))) 
Let's begin...

1.Scraplift Chain Challenge
 used Flower Garden Blogtrain Freebie

2. Colour Challenge
 [re] -for Japan quake 3.11- Charity kit by Yoshiko Design


3. Non Photo Scrap Challenge 
 Movie project by Yoshiko Designs

4. Scraplift Challenge  

Touch of Spring Collab by Mscraps

5. Template Challenge 
 mwah by Yoshiko Designs


6. Journaling Challenge 
 Y's Collection Vol.1 {Celebrate} by Yoshiko Designs

7. Everything & The Kitchen Sink Challenge 
 Flower Garden Add-on Freebie by Mscraps


8. Quote Challenge 
 Touch of Spring Collab (Freebie) by Mscraps

9. Tell {Me} Your Story Challenge 
 "Vacation" Blog Train Collab

Ufff, that's all. Enjoy!

xo xo, Dasha 

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