Feb 3, 2012

Angelle Design February 3rd RELEASE!

Hello, my dears! Today I have something very tasty for you!
Ready? Me and Raya (Camomile Designs) made a huuuuge  collab bundle!!!!
Check it out!

also available as separate parts:



Juicy, huh?

see what our wonderful and gorgeous CT ladies made with it:

And one more thing - 
today is MY BIRTHDAY!

Yes, you got it right- that's why  we decided to give presents to YOU!

Well, we have 3 of them)))

1. Go to my Angelle Design Facebook Fan  page ( Angelic Exclusives Tab on the left)
   to get this lovely add-on for FREE!!!

2. Go to Raya's BLOG ( she has something for you too=))))

3. AND, finally my newsletter subscribers will get a 10% off birthday coupon!!!

well, now that's all for today!
Enjoy your scrapping!
xo xo , Dasha!

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