Mar 25, 2016

New Collab Bundle +Freebie... and SHE IS BACK!

Hi, my wonderful scrappers!
First of all great news- SHE IS BACK! my dear friend Raya from Camomile Designs is back from her 2 years hiatus! Yay! I am so happy and we made our first reunion collab and not just collab kit, but collab BUNDLE!

It's bright and cheerful and I adore it))) LOL not that modest but true)

So you can buy the whole BUNDLE

or buy it separately

I like it, like it,  like it)))  LOL

And here are some inspiration for you )

by vicme

by boba 80 

by koz9fka 


by mother bear

by Raya (yup - we like to scrap with our own kits LOL))) 

by sawulik 

by sharonb 

by vicme 

Sorry for the long post but you wanted it, right?

I mean, you wanted the FREEBIE)))
Here it is
your free QP

And that's all for today)
xo xo, Dasha

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