Nov 1, 2016

Fright Night Collab Bundle!

Happy Halloween people!!!! It was my fave holiday in my University Days) So, this time WE ( yup, it's me and Raya from Camomle Designs again) decided to make this wonderful bundle with our favourite colors. So please welcome Fright Night Bundle!!! You will find it here- 

And here what you find inside:

Name:  CD_AD_Collab_FrightNight_bundle_preview.jpg
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Name:  CD_AD_Collab_FrightNight_FullKit_preview.jpg
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Name:  CD_AD_Collab_FrightNight_papers_preview.jpg
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Name:  CD_AD_Collab_FrightNight_alpha_preview.jpg
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Name:  CD_AD_Collab_FrightNight_blends_preview.jpg
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Name:  CD_AD_Collab_FrightNight_clusters_preview.jpg
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Name:  CD_AD_Collab_FrightNight_qp_preview.jpg
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and some pages from CT
Name:  Cinna.jpg
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and  a couple of mine)

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